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Corners of My Home

Corners of My Home

We moved into our house in the suburbs of Manchester a year ago, having sold our Northern Quarter flat that we’d lived in for 11 years. It was a huge change going from living in the heart of Manchester city centre with everything on our doorstep, living and loving the party lifestyle that came with that flat. But alas, we got old and the lifestyle we had once loved had started to wear thin and we knew it was time for the next chapter.

We wanted to start a family and as much as the Hannah in her 20’s had vowed she would be reminiscent of Carrie Bradshaw forever never wanting kids and spending all of her money on clothes living in the city, that all changed. We did want kids and quickly realised that pushing a pram around the Northern Quarter would be wholly impractical and a not the best life for a baby and it was time to pass on the party flat to someone who would enjoy it as much as we had when we first moved there. When you start banging on the ceiling with a broom Mr Heckles style because your neighbours are having a party on a Saturday night and you just want to get some damn sleep, you know your party days are over and the city living lifestyle is drawing to a close!

Sofa -
Lamp - EBay
Love cushion - Bombay Duck (a gift from my BFF)
Leaf and velvet cushions - House of Hackney
Dog - not allowed on velvet fresh out of fucks

We moved into a lovely three storey townhouse last December. It is only around ten years old so it’s really modern and felt like the perfect progression from our beloved NQ flat. I do love period homes and we did look at a few but hubby and I are SO lazy and I am incredibly impatient and I just don’t think we could ever have spent the time and money that doing up a renovation or period home would take so we quickly decided we wanted a blank canvas that we could put our own stamp on but didn’t need months of building work.

I literally fell pregnant with Billy the second we walked through the door! Well not quite, but we had fallen pregnant within a few weeks of living in our new home – I think it must have been a combination of Christmas boozing and just being focused on doing up the house and our new chapter rather than tracking ovulation and thinking when will I ever get pregnant!

Feature wall - Farrow and Ball Stiffkey Blue
Art - Castle Gallery; Artist Xue Wang
Sofa -
Dog - Woody - Owners own
Cushions -

After getting the positive pregnancy test it was all a bit of a mad panic to do up an entire house in nine months. The people who lived here before us had TERRIBLE taste and no vision whatsoever! Sorry, but who the F wants every single wall in their home painting magnolia?! MagNOlia I say. Plus they seemed to have drilled about 8000 holes in every spare part of every wall to put up a photograph of themselves, honestly. Every single wall had a wonky photo of themselves nailed to it, in places you could never even think of putting up a picture. There must honestly have been at least 200 photos of themselves nailed onto every wall throughout the house. WTF??!?!! I’m all for a bit of self-love but really it was a little OTT. And a right pain in the arse trying to cover up the holes in the walls.

We made a nice little profit on our flat, having bought it when the Northern Quarter was still a little on the rough side (ok a complete shit hole) and not the overpriced hipster haven it is now, which afforded me a nice budget to do up our home the way I really wanted and could have only dreamed in the flat.

Dining room of dreams:
Table - La Radoute
Chairs -
Wallpaper - House of Hackney
Rug - La Radoute
Curtains - Next
Table runner - Tea Towels used as runner from House of Hackney
Peach pendant lights -

So out came Mr Protein and his budget spreadsheet (shocker-I went over). I loved planning the aesthetic I wanted for our home and spent hours upon hours cruising Instagram and Pinterest looking for home inspo. I knew I wanted bold and bright, a complete contrast to the chic and minimalist with a retro twist look of the flat. Lots of colour and quirky pieces but comfortable and homely. I had so much fun spending time carefully selecting pieces and seemed to develop an obsession with velvet interiors (not at all practical with two dogs and a baby on the way) and eclectic lighting. One of my favourite pieces is our mustard velvet corner sofa from along with the dusty rose pink velvet two seater sofa that complement each other perfectly whilst adding a pop of colour to the living room.

Ottoman - I’ll give you 3 guesses…….
Cushions -
Chihuahuas - free to good home (only bite now and again)

I had always wanted House of Hackney wallpaper since God was a child, but hubby quite rightly said no in the flat as we knew we wanted to sell it at some point and at £185 per roll it just didn’t make sense. So when we got into the house I knew I was going to go for it and I didn’t even need to consider which it would be. I had always wanted the Palmeral and Artemis wallpapers for as long as I had been lusting over interiors in the flat. Me and my BFF would go to the House of Hackney showroom in London, swooning over everything and dreaming of filling our homes full of House of Hackney one day for as long as I can remember. Long before either of us actually owned a home!

I’d also had my eye on the insanely amazing HOH flamingo lamp but at £950 I just couldn’t bring myself to part with that much money for a lamp. I had actually almost talked hubby around on the gorgeous but ridiculously expensive lamp but he pointed out that it wasn’t really toddler friendly and it would be a real pisser if a kid broke the lamp – especially if it was someone else’s child and you had that awkward “oh your kid just broke my lamp, so do you wanna send me a cheque for a grand or will you be sending a bank transfer” moment. Maybe one day the lamp of my dreams will become a reality but for now I shop around for cheaper but equally eclectic alternatives.

Wallpaper - Artemis - House of Hackney
Wall paint - Dix Blue Farrow and Ball
Furniture -
Eifel Tower lamp - Rose Lee Interiors
Ceiling Lampshade - Ikea

I adore our bedroom; it’s my favourite room in the house. From the blue velvet French style bed (my name’s Hannah and I am a velvetaholic), the pink Artemis House of Hackney feature wall that works perfectly with the navy blue French style bedroom furniture and the colourful wool rug of dreams along with my vintage 70s peacock chair, I wanted a boutique hotel vibe and I think I nailed it to be fair!

We put in two new bathrooms – the main bathroom although pretty small is one of my favourite parts of my home. I always dreamed of having a free standing bath tub and the reality didn’t disappoint. I am one of those have a bath every day wash the troubles away kind of gals. The water bills here are HUGE. But I really would rather sacrifice food than baths!

Bath -
Wall tiles - Topps Tiles
Vintage floor tiles hunted down online

I would like to add some coloured tiles to the kitchen and add some Victorian style tiles to the hallway but those things can wait. I also need to decorate our hallway and the spare room which I plan on doing shortly.

As you can probably tell I love interiors and home styling so I thought I would break up the baby loss posts with some of my favourite pieces of my home. I have spent a lot of time just starting at my (lovely wallpapered) walls since Billy died and I am just glad that we are here and not in our noisy Northern Quarter flat. Tucked away safely in the suburbs being able to grieve for our son in our lovely home.

Big love

Hannah x


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